Putting Skills to Work - Richmond, Virginia - 31 May 2023

Our two presenters Robbie Johnson, CG® and Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG® will be conducting their Putting Skills to Work sessions with the same goal in mind, but from two different perspectives and with two different example case studies.  Register through the National Genealogical Society process when available. 

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Research Insider: The Whole Story!

By Robbie Johnson, CG

This workshop reveals how writing, editing, and storytelling skills, inform each step of the genealogist’s journey and helps demystify “reasonably exhaustive research,” from research question to final report.

 Robbie's research focuses are England, Canada, Indigenous North America, and genetic genealogy. Robbie has been taking clients since 2017, and lecturing for the past few years. She has spoken for local Washington state genealogical groups, and presented cases for the SLIG Advanced Analysis Practicum course. Robbie has served as a coordinator for the ProGen Study Groups, and as the ProGen secretary. She is currently a mentor for the GenProof Study Groups, and the Certification Discussion Group. Before becoming a professional genealogist, Robbie worked for over 40 years as an editor and writer. She has facilitated many writer’s groups over the decades, as well as instructed and led many writer’s retreats and intensives. Robbie worked for several years as the resource person for adult education special needs practitioners and trainers in the state of Ohio. She has also served as a volunteer reading tutor and advocate for adults with learning disabilities.


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Research Insider: Putting the Puzzle Together

By Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG

 This workshop addresses strategies for tracking evidence in complex cases, while conducting “reasonably exhaustive research” to arrive at a conclusion.

Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, Certified Genealogist®, author of the Guide to Hanover Military Records, 1514-1866 on Microfilm at the Family History Library, is the owner of Lind Street Research, a company dedicated to helping people discover their German ancestry. She has taught at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) Academy for Professionals. She created and recorded courses for Ancestry Academy and Legacy Family Tree Webinars. She is a popular speaker for national, regional, and local genealogical societies.

Reading German gothic script found in German records prior to the mid-1900s is second nature to her. Teresa conducts research on behalf of the U.S. Army to aid in repatriating soldiers missing from the nation’s past conflicts. Researching ancestors in Chicago and other areas of the Midwest is another of Teresa’s specialty areas. She is a multi-year attendee of IGHR and SLIG.  

Teresa is a genealogy volunteer at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.  

Past Putting Skills to Work

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Roster of Special Workshop Instructors

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