2024 Putting Skills to Work

This two-part workshop will be presented virtually on 15 May 2024 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PDT, with a break between 1-2 for lunch. The workshop will be held the day before and in conjunction with the 2024 National Genealogical Society (NGS) conference. Registration opens in December. https://conference.ngsgenealogy.org

Registration for the workshop will be through NGS’s conference registration page. Participation in the NGS conference is not required to attend the Putting Skills to Work workshop. The fee to attend is $95 for both workshops.

This year’s workshops are:


“Organizing and Analyzing Evidence for Genealogical Success” with Sharon Hoyt, CG 

Successful research projects benefit from careful planning. In this workshop, we'll walk through a genealogy research project from start to finish, discussing the techniques that helped to solve a century-old mystery. The class will cover project planning, effective online searching, and data organization and analysis methods to help you solve complex cases.





“Deconstruct to Reconstruct: Writing Proof Arguments for Maximum Impact” with Jan Joyce, PhD, CG, CGL, AG

 Deconstructing is a powerful learning experience with the ultimate goal to better construct proof arguments and other genealogical writing. This course will provide unique techniques to deconstruct a published proof argument that aids in recognizing direct, indirect, and negative evidence and how they are effectively presented. After deconstruction, students will learn methods to reconstruct proof arguments (and other writing). A common case study will be provided that will allow students to practice both deconstruction and reconstruction. Workshop time will be included for both phases as students utilize the tools that are shared with them. The main learning objective is for students to be able to write better constructed proof arguments as well as rework their own when needed.

Past Putting Skills to Work

Past workshops and instructors

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Roster of Special Workshop Instructors

Debbie Parker Wayne, CG, CGL. “Genetic Genealogy: Effective Analysis and Correlation of DNA Test Results.” 2015.

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